Favor and Grace

I read a book once called, “A prize to be Won” by Wendy Griffith. She’s a anchor on CBN news. There’s one chapter that I love. It’s called Red Herring. Throughout the book, Wendy talks about how God speaks to her. Oddly enough, he spoke to her through license plates. So, in the chapter, she spots the red herring license plate and shortly thereafter discovered the meaning of the red herring fallacy. With the new knowledge she acquired, she was able to make sense of her current relationship status.

From the day I read the chapter, I thought, “will God speak to me through license plates?” Yes! He did! 

Not too long after the thought I spotted my first. I was coming home from a wed night bible study when I spotted it.

Fast forward a year later to the month of June and I spotted PROSPER! 

Then in July I spotted two Grace and Favor. All after hearing that it was a season for triple grace and a season for favor. 



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