My High Priest Part 1

Tithing is a subject that people love to debate. Some think that the tithe does not apply to the new covenant or that their money is going to greedy preachers. None of that is true. As we hear time and time again, we are to be cheerful givers, led by The Spirit. If you don’t believe that you should tithe, than don’t. Until you believe in it and give cheerfully, it will not serve you any purpose.

So where does your tithe go? Physically, your church may use it in many areas to serve your community, keep the air conditioning running during hot summers, paying staff, at my church especially – the coffee, events, etc. However, there is another aspect of the tithe that is often overlooked. You may have heard things said like, “Give to God” or “Your money goes to heaven.” These sayings are very true. How? Well, glad you asked.

In Genesis 14, Abraham kicked some major butt. A group of kings decided to come against another group of kings. One group lost and captured Abraham’s cousin and all of his possessions. When word got back to Abraham, he went back with over 300 trained servants from his household to fight against the kings. After he won the battle, he acquired many goods from the victory. Out of all the things he had, he gave a tithe (ten percent) to the King of Salem and a High Priest named Melchizedek.

Melchizedek was the King of Salem. Salem means peace. Melchizedek means King of Righteousness. Another thing to point out is that, this is the only time Melchizedek is mentioned in some form of  activity in the bible. He receives Abrahams tithe and blesses him. He has no lineage or mention of birth and death in the bible. Therefore, Melchizedek, is a type and shadow of Jesus Christ – Our Righteous King, King of Peace, and High Priest.

Jesus is our High Priest who sits at the right hand of The Father. Jesus, being our High Priest, “in the order of Melchizedek,” receives our tithe. Just as Abraham tithed to Melchizedek and was blessed by him, it is the same for us. Jesus lives forever and as our High Priest  He made one sacrifice for us. Before Christ, the Levitical Priests made sacrifices and offerings for the people, but even before they could do that, they had to make sacrifices for themselves.

Jesus is the seed of Abraham that is Blessed and this same Blessing comes upon us when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.. He is redemption for all mankind. As my High Priest, I will give Him my tithe.







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