Keep Marching

Two months ago I was frustrated with my life and routine. It was nice, but I didn’t feel fulfilled or close to my purpose. I began to get discouraged, tired and weary. Then one day, in the shower, my perspective changed. I realized that I was in the will of God. I realized that as long as I was in the will of God, than I was fulfilling my purpose for this season of my life. Once I heard from the Lord regarding my destiny and received visions and dreams from Him, I crafted up my plan of how I would get there. I had a vision of what the process would look like and left no room for the Lord’s plan. I had an unrealistic perspective and was obsessed with the comfort of being able to smoothly transition into God’s purpose and plan for my life. I was tired of trials and tribulations. I was tired of working hard and sadly, wanted to ease into my promise land. I didn’t want to march in strong with my spiritual armor on. I want to saunter in, in my white gown. Yes, it probably sounds insane, but sometimes our flesh and feelings are insane (LOL).

The process is almost like Joshua and the Israelites marching around the walls of Jericho for 7 days. They were doing what God told them to do, but can you imagine how they looked to the enemy? Can you image what the other side was saying to them as they were marching – trying to instill fear, doubt, mistrust, and insecurity inside of them. To the outsiders, it looked like an insignificant act, but the truth was that they were in God’s will – doing as he directed them on the way to the promise land.

Some of us are that generation marching around generational curses and destined to break all the cycles that held back our parents and many generations before. Sometimes, that process feels repetitive, fruitless, discouraging, and long. The truth is: that nothing is in vain. The truth is: there is a time and season for everything according to Ecclesiastes 3. The truth is: we never arrive. We consistently and continually fulfill our purpose each day we wake up. God promises to continually work in us and complete it when Christ comes back. This is why it is important to pray God’s will for our lives each day.

I believe that God could have made the walls fall down in one day or one hour, but I think what was important was all the steps and days leading up to that seventh day when the walls fell down. First, God gave Joshua specific directions of how they should march and what to bring with them, then he directed them to do the same activity for six days, and then He directed them to do something different that would trigger their victory on the seventh day. Perhaps for six days God was building their faith and testing their obedience.

In the beginning of Joshua 6, it tells us that Jericho was securely shut to any outsiders and those who were apart of the city could not leave. The city of Jericho heard about Israel and their many defeats. Perhaps, just like Jericho, this battle and season you’re going through is not like any other. The enemy has seen how you’ve come out of every other battle victorious and now has taken extra measures to defeat you. Maybe the only way to be victorious is through special and careful instruction from the Lord? 

So, keep marching. I don’t know how long this season will last for you or me, but I do know that we need to learn all we can and keep being obedient to the word of the Lord.  This season is the precursor to our blessing and breakthrough. In chapter 7 of Joshua, after the great defeat at Jericho, the Israelites lose the battle of Ai because there was sin in their camp. We must take extra care to examine our hearts and discern our feelings. Our emotions can get the best of us, if we do not remind ourselves of the truth. Let us remember to go to the Lord in prayer, so we don’t take any old sin, rebellion, and disobedience to our next season because there will be another fight. We cant afford to get entangled in old habits and doubt.


Joshua 6
Joshua 7
Ecclesiastes 3
Hebrews 12:1-2
Philippians 1:6


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