“I am your exceedingly great reward.”

God is faithful to keep His promises. Sometimes, we have been waiting so long for a blessing or breakthrough, it’s not uncommon to ask, “Has God forgotten about me?” “Will he come through?” “Did I hear Him correctly?” Because he is a Good Father, we can be assured that God does not forget about us. In fact, God is always working.

God’s work in our lives is perpetual and ongoing. He knows exactly what we need at all times. However, we do not know exactly what we need at all times. God will ask series of questions, allow circumstances to explode, relationships to expire, hearts to be broken, and bank accounts exhausted to get us to realize our desires. Our core desires are to worship Jesus and the Father, to be led by the Holy Spirit, to hear His voice, to possess the promise and come into full culmination of our gifts. It sounds oh so beautiful, but in truth, the journey will be full of peaks and valleys. We have to make a choice from the beginning to believe God no matter what we see and how we feel. To go to church barren, but praise the Lord. That’s faith. Knowing, God is still God. Faith is seeking the heart of God and not just His hand.

Abram’s story is not an unfamiliar one. God called him out of his homeland and divided him from his family. I use the word divided because that is what God does. He divides us from jobs, places, homes, people, and things. God puts a line down the middle and says do not cross. The decisions you make in your walk with God will prompt God to further set you apart to accomplish His purposes. The new way of life that God commands and aides us to walk through requires no influence from the old way. Anything associated with your old life must be torn down and rebuilt.

Abram was obedient and did as God instructed Him to. Like a Good Father, God communicates his plan for Abram in Genesis 14. He tells him that number of his descendants would be like the “dust of the earth”. At this point in time, Abraham and Sarah had no children. As time went on, I imagine Abram pondered the words of the Lord. When would they happen? I’ve wanted this for so long, why tell me now? Why hasn’t it happened yet? What should I be doing?

God blessed Abram abundantly, but there was that one thing. That one desire in his heart that he hadn’t really verbalized the torment it caused him. Was he perfect? Of course not, but his heart was pure at the core and he desired God above all else. Because of this, God desired to bless him and promised to do so. He had servants, cattle, and acres of land. Yet, he still did not have his own child born of him and his wife. This deep desire in his heart came out in Genesis 15. He says to the Lord, “Lord God, what will you give me, seeing I go childless, and the heir of my house is Eliezer of Damascus?” We see Abraham’s heart here. Grateful for the Lord’s marvelous blessings and favor, but wanting a child. An heir. To be a Father. This deep desire inclined God to make a covenant with Abram. Yes, he would have a child, but his bloodline would become numerous. He would become “A great nation.” Abram would never see his defendants numbered like the stars, but he believed the word of the Lord. Because he believed, God could perform it.

As any good Father, God lets Abraham know ahead of time that his descendants would be afflicted and held in slavery for four hundred years, but He would deliver them. We see the Israelites in Exodus 15 wandering in the wilderness complaining about food.  It seems that as generations went on, that a spirit infected the Israelites during their captivity. Although their past conditions were awful, but the current conditions were not perfect, although better, they could not arise above to believe that God had their best interest at heart. They couldn’t believe that God would provide for them every day. They struggled believing that God was actually going to bless them with this land that he promised their great Father many years ago. Although God parted the seas, rained down manna, and traveled with them by cloud, they still could not fully surrender their trust to the Lord.

Captivity does that to you. Affliction causes a deep seeded brokenness. It’s a constant pain in your heart. You want to believe, but you are so scared that it won’t happen.  All your life, you were a slave. A slave to everyone, and never receiving what you were due.  This type of brokenness can only be combated by faith.  Affliction steals faith, but God’s word heals and stirs up faith. So, how did Abram have faith? He built an altar to the Lord. On that altar, he sacrificed and praised the Lord. Through it all, you must praise and sacrifice.   We have seen the faith of our ancestors, mothers, and grandmas. We have seen the marvelous works God has done in our lives.  We must be careful not to lose hope. God cannot do what He has planned through us if we refuse to have faith. God had to let that generation of Israelites die before He could give them the promise because of unbelief. The devil wants to manipulate your mind and make you think God has forgotten you. He wants you to believe that you can’t be blessed like that because of what you’ve been through.

In Genesis 17, after Abram and Sarai tried to create their first born by Abram sleeping with her maidservant, God changes his name to Abraham – Father of Nations. God instructs him before the name change, “I am Almighty God; walk before Me and be blameless.” The beautiful thing is our Almighty God, names Abram, Abraham after his sin. Just because Abram sinned against the Lord and made a poor choice, he never stopped being Abraham. God reaffirms him by correcting and instructing him and then by declaring who he is in His eyes.

I declare to you today that a new wave of faith has hit you. God will do for you like no other. He has tailored your blessing perfectly.


Love you,



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