For Signs and Wonders

Isaiah’s name is Yahweh saves or Yahweh is salvation – God declares who He is through us, if we allow ourselves to be used and yield ourselves to His will. Through every bad circumstance, people are watching and our hope in God is just as much as a testimony of faith and a witness as directly sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with someone.

There have been times in my life when I was buried up to my neck in problems and conflict. People would ask me how are you dealing with this, it’s not getting better, you should do this you should do that. And I would just share with them you know I prayed and I’m putting all my hope and trust in God. Eventually, I learned to t rest, just rest and continue on peacefully. Then, when God delivered me with a mighty hand, people were astonished because they didn’t see me striving, stressing out, or worrying, or do anything in my own strength to try to fix the problem.

A great vision was delivered to Isaiah concerning the fate of Judah. God was showing Isaiah that His people were coming into judgment. Their great sin and rebellion was being called out by God. He showed Isaiah their fate and let him know there would be a remnant. The people would be held in captivity and suffer many losses to surrounding countries, but they needed to wait and trust in God. Lastly, God needed a messenger to proclaim the word to the Israelites and warn them. To advise them to repent. When God asked whom shall He send, Isaiah proclaimed, “Here am I, send me.”

So, that was Isaiah’s job – to warn the people what was coming, what to expect, but most importantly to remind them to put their hope and trust in God for total restoration. We can learn so much from Isaiah’s posture as a messenger during a time when His people were in rebellion, hopeless, lost, angry, and upset.

1. When things are chaotic, not going your way, or you get a bad report:

A. Don’t try to figure it out and reason with it, be afraid, worry or become anxious. These are all signs of you trying to control circumstances. Instead, go directly to God in prayer.

B. Philippians 4:6

C. Matthew 6:25-34

2. Make God your sanctuary:

A. Rest in Him and draw near to the Lord. Let Him prune you and comfort you. God promises that those who mourn will be comforted. Stand on that word and be at rest.

B.   James 4:8

C. Matthew 5:4

3. We have a choice: Will we rest in God, knowing that he is in control of all things or try to figure them out ourselves, and even worse manipulate circumstances for an outcome in our favor?

A. 1 Timothy 4:8

4. Wait on the Lord – Put all hope and trust in him.

A. When you trust in other things, you refuse God’s rest and care. Without faith, we cannot please God.

B. Proverbs 3:5-6

C. Hebrews 11:6

References: Isaiah 8:12


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